Issue 3

June 2018


This paper addressed the digital input/output Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) module in case of unavailable electronic pressure switch with direct digital output due to manufacturing product line issue for this classic type of switch, the modification is done for loop of another model of electronic pressure switch to get a direct digital signal to PLC (switch out). this modification method is applied with the classic model of an electronic pressure switch which has three wiring terminals, one direct switch out to PLC and two power terminals and the new modification for United Electric one series electronic pressure switch model 2W2D00 has been designed and tested with the PLC in the field.

Keywords:- Programmable Logic Controller; Instrument Air Compressor, Electronic Switch, Digital Input /Output Module .

Khaled Mohammed Alhassan A. Hamed, Eltaher Mohamed Hussein



Forest fire is one of the major challenges that face countries because of the losses in the wildlife and its huge impact on the environment. It is very difficult to control the fire after it happens, so government and wildlife protector prefer to detect at an earlier stage. This paper provides a solution for detecting the factors that could lead to a fire by using a wireless sensor network (WSN) installed in the forest. Sensors include temperature, humidity and wind speed. WSN system comprises a set of sensor nodes and a base station that communicates with each other, and From the data collected by the system, authorities can tell quickly the relevant government departments. Simulation result has indicated that the implemented system functionality is consistent with the desired behaviour.

Keywords—Wireless sensor network – forest detection – ZigBee Network.

Rania Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed  , AminBabiker A/Nabi Mustafa


ABSTRACT —this Most of the common person verification and identification methods (Password, Personal Identification Number (PIN) systems or other similar techniques) used today are not unique, and is possible for somebody to forget, lose or even have it stolen for somebody. Design Authentication system, which use pattern recognition techniques to identify people by using their characteristics. This project concentrates on face recognition using a neural network.

Keywords —face recognition, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Back. Dataset.  

Abrar Jaafar Abdalla Obaid, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein


ABSTRACT  – IP application is getting more complex and needed more bandwidth (BW) consumption. In IP network packet sends from transmitting to receive it needs path or router to delivery this packet to the destination and this technology required time (packet delay). To decrease this delay packet, IP networks are using Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) this technique presented to enhance the performance of IP network, Using MPLS, data packets can be published based on labels rather than on the destination address. MPLS provides many characters such as VPN (Virtual Private Network), quality of service, traffic engineering (TE). The main characteristic of MPLS is it is (TE), which makes an animated part of reducing congestion through efficient management and load balancing of network resources. Because the delay of the network is less, efficient, scalability, packet delivery speed, the services provided by MPLS technology are more suitable for real-time applications, i.e. video conferencing and voice over IP (VoIP). This paper measured and explaining the performance matrices, i.e. jitter and packet delay Traffic receive end to end delay, for voice application in a congested network for MPLS-TE and conventional IP network. After that review MPLS, based Routing and enhanced open shortest path first( OSPF) to support background for Traffic Engineering, then it compares between network without MPLS TE and networks with MPLS TE.

Keywords— MPLS; Voice application; MPLS-TE; OSPF.

Hanan Mohamed Hassan Mahdi , Amin Babiker Abd AlNabi Mustafa


Abstract – The telecommunication technology joins two or more different locations in a near real-time application, and any location communicates with other, called video conference.  In everyday life and business, the Video Conference (VC) the basic component. Various computer applications is provided VC, like Windows Live Messenger and Skype have general video conference by supporting free or not expensive  voice, and video calling between costumers from all around the world it provides by many network application, the important subject for communication network services and researches is QoS with low bandwidth, in addition, support performance comparison between routing protocol as OSPF & RIP, in this paper we discuss the video conference over network, then explain the result QoS by simulation OPNET by different protocol.                                   

Keywords: Video conference, OSPF, RIP, QOS

Mohamed Eltayeb Salih Banaga, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein


ABSTRACT – the call for an enhanced, effectual and up to-date data logging system, plays a real challenge, due to the requirements of the industrial application. This paper shows one of the attempts to design an optimal data logging system for the boiler. The overall view of the design, it consists of parameters for monitor and stores the data. Firstly the PC interface is one of the major features of the work in which various values of parameters such as date, time, humidity and temperature parameters are sent to the PC using a hyper terminal. In addition to the microcontroller which it acts like the heart and the brain of the process, on the other hand for displaying the values, a liquid crystal display (LCD) was used as a local screen. Moreover an internal EEPROM used for storing the data, so that the display unit will show the value of the parameters, after that these value will send to the pc. These values can later see using the push buttons provided on the front panel. This work is to be able useful, as many times its difficult to measure the parameter values manually and also this module is more accurate than the domestic system.

Keywords—Humidity sensor, LDR, LCD, Proteus 8 professional, MikroC.

Ibrahieem Barakat Hussan Alsharieef Abdalrhman, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein


ABSTRACT  – the aim of this study is to support medical diagnostics of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) by using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method. For this diagnosis Feed forward Back Propagation Algorithm method was tested and examined in Matlab R2013a environment in ANN toolbox for rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. The data of the system (ANN data set) was received from patients who affected with rheumatoid arthritis and other people who are not suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with different ages.

Keywords— Artificial Neural Network; Rheumatoid Arthritis ; Disease Diagnosis.

Hanaa Mohammed Ali Hassana,  Eltaher Mohamed Husseinb


ABSTRACT—this paper concentrates the automated electrical dispersion substation utilizing SCADA framework, substation can be robotized by gathering condition of the electrical switch, switches and sensors and send this information utilizing Remote terminal units (RTU) to the ace station through correspondence interface utilizing DNP3 convention, this information exhibit in human machine interface. At the point when blame is happened HMI give an alert to the manager that clarify subtle blame elements, this is planned and outlined by utilising WINCC adaptable program portrayed by this examination.

Keywords: SCADA, Expert system, Neural network, Sensors, Switches.

Omer Hassan Ahmed Adam, Eltaher Mohamed Hussein