Volume 2 - Special Issue

10 June 2018

Abstract :

This paper present how to design and model a bimorph piezoelectric (PZT) cantilever device using the effects of piezoelectricity property to extract the typical car engine’s vibration that generated on a dynamic shaker and convert it into electrical energy. The output power can be utilized directly to energize small electronic devices such as electronic transmitters and sensors which currently use short lifespan batteries with limited capacity, furthermore, a vibration frequency of 200 Hz produced on the car engine has been prevented from being wasted in vain. A cantilever of Lead-Zirconate-Titanate (PbZrO3TiO2) with dimensions of (40 mm × 10 mm × 0.5 mm) has been modeled, simulated and characterized to produce the output power in the range of (100 µW – 0.4 mW) at resonance frequency of (≤ 0.2 KHz) under peak acceleration of (≤ 10 m/s2). This cantilever’s targeted vibration is dynamic (damped) vibration; therefore it has been subjected to continuous vibratory force. The Static Vibration is run at the first stages to check the working force and stamina of the cantilever by applying a pulse of movement and observe the response of the transient wave of the of the cantilever. A bimorph piezoelectric harvester cantilever was designed under the optimal conditions identified to extract the car engine vibration produced by dynamic vibration shaker using the typical frequencies and acceleration of the car engine and it produced output power nearly 0.39 mW.


Keywords—Piezoelectric, Bimorph harvesting cantilever, Proof mass, Natural frequency, Ionization.

Khaled Mohammed Alhassan A. Hamed , Eltaher Mohamed Hussein



This paper is implement a short range security system that proposed to detect and alarm for moving target in the coverage area, the main sensor used is the HC-04 Ultrasonic module which operates at 40 KHz signals, the Ultrasonic working with the same principle of SONAR systems, which sends a trigger pulses and wait for received echoes then with the proper calculations the distance can be found depending on the tame taken by the signal to be received, Servo motor is used to rotate the ultrasonic module in both directions, the main controller used is the Arduino Uno with ATMEGA328P on board chip, LCD screen is used to display the distances,  and finally the GSM module is used to send an alarm message to supervisor in case of moving target detected in the area.

Keywords:- Ultrasonic, Radar, Atmega328, Arduino, Servo Motor, LCD, GSM.

Khalid Omer Mohamed Nour, Eltahir Mohamed Hussain


ABSTRACT – Human Face Recognition has become a potential method of biometric. Authentication because of its most non-intrusive and user-friendly nature. Today Face recognition has an important application in artificial intelligence of biometrics. This Paper continues to develop an efficient Face recognition system. Objective of this paper is to develop a Face recognition system which is less sensitive to variations in pose the Face recognition system mainly consists of two steps: the extraction of feature and the recognition in the proposed technique, One of the ways to do this is by comparing selected facial features from the image and a face database.

Keywords—Face Recognition, Artificial Neural Network: Back Propagation

Abrar Jaafar Abdalla Obaid, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein


Abstract –The rapid of evaluation Internet communication systems heavily rely on the basis of IP Routing protocols. These different routing protocols are mainly categorized as dynamic, static and hybrid routing protocols. The selection of these routing protocols depends upon the network requirement and performance parameters of different real time applications. This paper study the performance of video and voice traffic in in EIGRP and OSPF for unstable links and routes. We are use of OPNET simulation tool to study the performance of these routing protocols. In this study, the impact of unstable links on packet end-to-end delay, convergence time, packets drop in IP network, video packet delay variation. The performance results explained that unstable links and routes have a significant effect on the overall performance of IP based networks affecting specially the network packet drops and convergence time in the network.

Keywords—Routing Protocols, Real Time Applications, Link flapping, Unstable networks..

Hanan Mohamed Hassan Mahdi, Amin Babiker Abd AlNabi Mustafa


Abstract – The telecommunication technology joins two or more different locations in a near real-time application, and any location communicates with other, called video conference.  In everyday life and business, the Video Conference (VC) the basic component. Various computer applications is provided VC, like Windows Live Messenger and Skype have general video conference by supporting free or not expensive  voice, and video calling between costumers from all around the world it provides by many network application, the important subject for communication network services and researches is QoS with low bandwidth, in addition, support performance comparison between routing protocol as OSPF & RIP, in this paper we discuss the video conference over network, then explain the result QoS by simulation OPNET by different protocol.                                

Keywords: Video conference, OSPF, RIP, QoS

Mohamed Eltayeb Salih Banaga, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein


ABSTRACT- this paper explain how to control the temperature in boiler, because of needing to product the steam with high quality, this has been done by controlled of temperature and kept it at 120°C, which means that no any quantity of water in the steam. The software (WINCC flexible) is based a Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), it has been developed by produce the screens for monitoring the boiler and the temperature of the steam in the vessel, in addition to uses the programmable logic controller (PLC S7-300) for control of the temperature, moreover the percentage of open and close the valves and heat process.

Keywords: Thermocouple sensor, Level sensor, Temperature Control, Temperature Transmitter, PID Controller.

Ibraieem Barakat Hussan Alsharieef, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein


ABSTRACT  – the aim of this study is to support medical diagnostics of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) by using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) method. For this diagnosis Feed forward Back Propagation Algorithm method was tested and examined in Matlab R2013a environment in ANN toolbox for rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis. The data of the system (ANN data set) was received from patients who affected with rheumatoid arthritis and other people who are not suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with different ages.

Keywords— Artificial Neural Network ; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Feed forward Back Propagation Algorithm; Disease Diagnosis.


ABSTRACT—this paper concentrates the automated electrical dispersion substation utilizing SCADA framework, substation can be robotized by gathering condition of the electrical switch, switches and sensors and send this information utilizing Remote terminal units (RTU) to the ace station through correspondence interface utilizing DNP3 convention, this information exhibit in human machine interface. At the point when blame is happened HMI give an alert to the manager that clarify subtle blame elements, this is planned and outlined by utilising WINCC adaptable program portrayed by this examination.

Keywords: SCADA, Expert system, Neural network, Sensors, Switches.

Omer Hassan Ahmed Adam, Eltaher Mohamed Hussein


ABSTRACT- this paper focuses on a deeper analysis and description on the infrastructure required for HAPS to operate, with the causes and effects of rainfall poses a serious issue to HAP since due to its position which may degrade link performance. Rainfall creates the maximum attenuation scenario for all HAPS-related systems operating in the 27/31 and 47/49GHz bands frequency. Also the paper  explain the HAPS channel models used to date, for clear sky and rainy conditions, and calculate the probability of Bit error of a BPSK, DPSK, QPSK and OQPSK receiver in a non-shadowing channel under different SNR values, Calculation are done by using Mat lab following the ITU-R recommendations. The result shows the comparison under the channel model used for clear-sky conditions (high SNR), since an LOS path is established. With the performance of the channel under various rainy situations (low SNR).

 Keywords— communication system; high altitude platforms ; rainattenuttion; channel model;bit eror rate.

Mussab Mohammed O. Enan, Mohammed El-Ghazali Hamza, Hamid Ali Abbas