Volume 2 - Special Issue

March 2018

Abstract :

WiMAX is a technology comes up with multiple solutions. It’s defined as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, based on IEEE 802.16, which is a standard with similar principles. The main advantage of WiMAX is that: it supports higher throughput rates, covers larger areas and has higher data rates. There are two standard variants of WiMAX, the first one is a Fixed WiMAX and the second is Mobile-WiMAX. Mobile WiMAX 802.16e gives fully mobile internet access at higher broadband speeds than other broadband networks like Wi-Fi. Whereas Fixed- WiMAX 802.16 delivers point to multipoint broadband wireless access to our homes and offices. WiMAX supports multiple applications because it has a high capacity.

Keywords— Fixed WiMAX; Mobile WiMAX; FTP; E-mai; HTTP;

Feisal Mohammed Salih Mohammed, Amin Babiker Abd AlNabi Mustafa



This paper aims to design Electronic system using technology depend on Laser beam to flattening the ground within specific inclination , high accuracy of leveling and shortest working time .The Flattening Farmlands System contain of three units (Receiver unit ,Transmitter unit and Control Box) In this paper the main purpose to redesign the Receiver unit and Control Box to be suitable and efficient with the environment of Sudan that’s because the big number of failures occurs in this two units

Keywords—Indicator unit; Microcontroller unit; Driver unit; LM7805 Regulator; Phototransistor.

Tarig Mohamed Gabir Ibrahim, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein


The purpose of this paper is to study, analyze and simulate different types of non-real time applications and Real time applications such as Web Browsing (WEB), Electronic Mail (E-MAIL), File Transfer Protocol and different types of voice codec. In addition, the paper explains, how these applications generate signalling messages such as Radio Resource Control, Node-B Application Part and Radio Access Network Application Part in a Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) using an OPNET Modeler 14.5. After execution of the simulation, the result shows that the E-mail application and the codec GSM half rate generate large number of the signalling message.
Keywords—Universal Mobile Telecommunication System, Real-time application, Non real-time Application, Signalling Message, OPNET Modeller.

Hamza Sidahmed Zeinelabdein Sidahmed , Amin Babiker A /Nabi Mustafa


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has recently declared that internet traffic has exceeded the nominated capacity of traffic for the first time ever since the telecom history. The corner stone of the current internet traffic is broadband. Broadband terms mean to describe recent internet connections that range from 5 to 2000 times faster than earlier internet dial-up technologies. The present telecom trends are composed of quality of service and security The quality of service is the most efficient mean of customer satisfaction. This paper presents a unique method for broadband quality of service settings and customization, in regards to the indicators and targeted values for the broadband quality of service parameters. Moreover, the proposed quality of service parameters has been tested and evaluated for the current Sudanese networks applying the most advanced measuring tools. The key findings of the paper are recommended to be approved by the Sudanese regulatory authority, in order to be deployed by the national telecom operators.
Keywords:-Throughput, Evaluation, Broadband, Quality of Service

Osama Abdellatif Gismalla , Amin Babiker A/Nabi, Gamal Amin Elsayed



This paper presents an improved, accurate data acquisition from an Inertial Measurement Units sensor. The system includes Inertial Measurement Units Chips included on the board are: gyroscope, accelerometer and compass can be mounted on the human body to obtain information on the human arm movement. Thus, in this paper, Accelerometer and gyroscope data were fused using a context enhanced extended Kalman filter, it was developed to capture accurate data using Arduino. The filter is designed based on motion in order to adjust Kalman filter parameters. In addition, an automated approach is introduced to estimate the variance of the noise of the sensors during the operation. Considering motion context and automatic noise detection, the robustness of monitoring is enhanced against errors related to motion context i.e., high acceleration and long term motions. The proposed method is compared with the conventional method using experiments. It is found that the proposed model method reduces the accumulative orientation estimation errors and is useful for virtual reality system.

.Keywords:- Inertial Measurement Units Sensor; Kalman Filter; Wearable Sensors; Accelerometer; Gyroscope.

Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdalmajed Bakheet, Eltahir Mohamed Hussein



Control of electrical and electronic equipment is very important because of the sensitivity of the devices against the environmental factors, and the most dangerous such as temperature, humidity, fire from the overload or the result of high temperature. Also, from steal or damage by mankind so the purpose of the project is to monitor and control the room remotely for all these reasons. The main idea of this paper is to monitor and protect the control room of radio transmitter devices by using GSM mobile depends on the microcontroller which processes the input data and gives the output signal.The Temperature, smoke sensors were connected to the micro-controller to detect the heating of fire or electricity in the control room. The door-latch opening system using password entered through the keypad. If 3 wrong password entered consequently and the parameters (Temp and smoke) exceed the threshold value, the buzzer turned on.

Keywords:- Micro-controller ; Keypad Password; LCD; Driver Motor.

Samahir Tag Elsir Ali, Altahir Mohamed Hussein




The objective of this paper is to study and analyze IPv4 and. IPv6 using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system using over WiMAX. OPNET simulation model was developed and the results showed some advantages for IPv4 against IPv6 concerning the throughput and traffic sent and received and some advantages for IPv6 against IPv4 are concerning the MOS.

Keywords: Session Initiation Protocol; IPv4; IPv6; H.323; Voice over IP .

Yasser Osama, Khaled Hamed Bilal,  Ibrahim Elimam Abdalla



The tremendous technological advances that have permeated all human sciences and all daily life, especially in the medical field, many assistive technologies have been developed in the care of patients in hospitals. This technology has greatly helped to reduce the mortality resulting from the delayed provision of assistance to patients and critical cases; the nurse call system technology was one of the systems that marked a major shift in the organization of medical care in hospitals in general and in emergency and emergency care departments in particular. Which has had a significant impact on the reduction in mortality rates in hospitals and the rescue of critical cases and avoid the causes of delayed follow-up cases and prevent Vitality, which contributed to the ease of monitoring of  the patient’s case in his request for help and immediate response to call as soon as possible, and helped in the process The administrative control for medical staff, especially nurses, by informing them clearly and urgently about the patient’s need for precise technological means. He also actively contributed to providing the best types of health care and minimizing concerns about the lack of interest by the medical staff working and Tranquility patients and their families, given the importance of mainstreaming such a system in hospitals and health centers, we find that the major interest in Sudan does not amount to the extent of its importance and the urgent necessity. This paper examines the importance of this system and explains in practical terms how to create and design this system by simulation. It also provides a comprehensive explanation of the components of the system, its design, and its work. The results of this research show the practical application of this system.

Keywords:- Atmega 32; Buzzer; Call Point; Inter-call Display Unit; Jack socket.

Mohammed Abualgassim Ahmed Mohammed , Khalid Hamid Bilal




This paper describes how to detect the location of a sound source using a microphone array by determining the Time Delay of Arrivals (TDOA), which is a powerful technique to obtain the position of the sound source depending on the position of the microphone array. The mathematical model represents the sound propagation, which affects the sensors. To estimate the location of the sound, a digital signal processor-educational kit DSK6713-was used to collect the sound signals from the microphones through four channels audio Daughter Card, the Code composer studio software is used for the configuration of the DSK6713 and Daughter Card, and MATLAB is used for analyzing the previously collected sound signals. The estimated position was coming properly and the error minimized to less than two centimeters.

Keywords:- Micro-controller DSK6713; Audio Daughter Card; Code Composer Studio.

Amer Sharafeldeen alshafea,  Eltahir Mohamed Hussein



Modern development, communication has become an important part of human life and cannot be dispensed with, the communication process Involves information generation, transmission, reception and interpretation. Wide bandwidth for signal transmission with low delay is a key requirement in present-day applications. Fiber optics is now the transmission medium of data for long distance and it has high data rate transmission for Telecommunication networks. This paper gave an overview of fiber optic communication systems including the concept of wire communication, characteristic, architecture, optical fiber system (link budget design) and application of fiber optic.

Keywords: Fiber optics; link budget; Cables.

Wesam Mahjoob Osman, Khalid Hamed Belal, Ibrahim Elemam Abdalla




This paper identifies the parameters that affect the Quality of Service (QoS) of Voice and video-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) through heterogeneous networks such as LTE and between them. They are carried out by using the OPNET simulation tool. Optimization of the network for both intra- and inter-system traffic to mitigate the deterioration of the QoS are discussed. Also, this paper focuses on some parameters of QoS: jitter, delay, packet loss, throughput, and MOS.

Keywords:- Voice over Internet Protocol; Quality of Service; OFDMA; SC-FDM.

Aasim Ahmed, Khalid Hamid



The speedy growth of technology has made our life easier, This advancement in technology also decreased car accidents and traffic hazards, It is found that most of the occurrence of the accident came from the driver unavoidable faults and mistakes, This paper provides a solution for accident prevention and detection, The aims of this paper is to build an automatic system able to maintain the driver safety by controlling the speed of DC motor and inform the authorities if an accident occurred. For accident prevention, the system is continuously Reading the state of the sensor and alarms the driver in each situation to avoid collisions. Also, the system can stop the car if the situation becomes critical. For accident detection, the system will respond automatically and inform authorities when the accident happens.

Keywords:- Vehicular; Ultrasonic; GSM; GPS.

Rania Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed  ,Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa


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